An error occurred while updating the calendar event melody trust dating

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An error occurred while updating the calendar event

This is important because Word Press may need access to write to files in your ) Don't worry, this is a very common and easy to fix problem when using with Word Press.

We have published a specific documentation about file permission in Word Press to help you fix this issue.

Note: The screenshot above is for illustrative purposes only.

I triggered the error by adding a too large attachment to my test event. I don’t know the exact cause of this issue but I can only assume it is related to a corrupted event or individual event data Exchange doesn’t like (i.e. If you cannot resolve the problem by any of the three options Calendar offers you, it is time to fix the problem manually. It’s important to quit Mail too because it integrates with Calendar, depending on your configuration.

Client Access servers are the first server role to update, and you should begin with the internet-facing site if you have multiple sites in your organization.

For Client Access servers that are in a CAS Array you should remove some of the servers (eg half of them) from the load balancer configuration, upgrade them, re-add them to the load balancer, then repeat the process with the remaining Client Access servers in that load balanced array.

In this post, I’ll explain how to fix the pesky Calendar can’t save event X to Exchange Server issue with Apple’s Calendar in OS X or mac OS. i Cal) in OS X/mac OS and Microsoft Exchange do not always play together nicely.

At work, we have a bunch of Mac users who had issues with our on-premise Exchange 2010.

One of the more annoying problems is when Calendar doesn’t allow you to make changes to an event or even delete it.

But instead, it responds with the following error message: “Calendar can’t save event X to Exchange Server.” You are given three options: .

In some cases, neither option resolves the issue, and the error message keeps coming back, every time Calendar tries to synchronize with the Exchange Server.

For an example of how to do this with Windows NLB see the following article: For other load balancers refer to your vendor documentation for how to take servers out of the load balanced array for maintenance and updates.

I admit I was concerned when I read the release notes for Exchange 2010 SP3 that state: The database schema has been updated in Exchange 2010 SP3.

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