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Chelsea handler dating president of e

— it averages 500,000 viewers, with a median age of 35, which is significantly younger than the crowd tuning in to its time-slot competitors on the networks. A rotating roundtable of comics riff on the day’s news, often followed by taped segments of Handler and her diminutive Mexican assistant Chuy (a.k.a.her ”little nugget”) on such adventures as making sushi and serving it on their naked bodies.

It’s tempting to compare Handler to D-list doyenne Kathy Griffin or sass sister Sarah Silverman, but Handler says the only thing they all have in common is anatomy: ”There’s nothing similar about any of [us] girls except that [we] all have hot pockets.” Comic Heather Mc Donald, who routinely appears on the show’s roundtable and opens for Handler on tour, explains her friend’s appeal like this: ”She’s the king of drunk, hot blondes.” and ”Skid Mark.” In her latest collection of essays, Handler chronicles her childhood, her dating life, and her ongoing love affair with vodka.”I’m not falling down drunk every night and blacking out,” she insists. ”I thought I’d become an actress, but then I realized I eat too much,” she says. Two hours later, Handler’s on camera delivering the punchline. While taking shots at pop culture luminaries and lowlifes isn’t groundbreaking, conquering the p.m. (Joan Rivers was the only woman to get a shot in that hour on a network — in 1986.) Handler’s year-old show is building a loyal audience on E! office is buzzing about some juicy breaking news: A recording has surfaced of Charlie Sheen inexplicably calling his then wife Denise Richards the N-word. ”There are so many better words to call Denise Richards.” The 33-year-old comedian and author has been building a niche for herself in late night by daring to say what everyone else is thinking.

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She also still has her little assistant Chuy by her side. Her delivery of already poorly written "race" jokes is pretty atrocious.

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