Futa chat rooms

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Futa chat rooms

" Laura was the queen bee, the cheerleader every boy (and probably more than a few girls) wanted to be with, whip smart and that perfect combination of lithe build with big breasts, which was only emphasized by the dark brown hair she wore down to frame her cleavage. On top of that, she had a nice personality, as if there was no dump stat for her.

While my clique of friends sat around in surprise, Laura rose to her feet, "I got class right now, so I'll catch you after," and walked away with a sway to her hips.

It seemed simple enough, I just looked at my food and started to dig in. He was also muscular, outgoing, athletic and funny, which was pretty much winning the cool kid's entrance lottery.

Especially since from the smug, "I've got a secret" tone he took, I was sure what the "news" about Laura was going to be.

I wanted to see what sort of lie he'd tell to see if he could draw attention to himself.

Maybe it would be something really dumb like his own annoying girlfriend walking in on the two of them having kinky sex and she totally had pics on her phone, but wouldn't share because... Watching him go through the motions of ever escalating exaggerations (knowing that they were lies) was usually more entertaining than the story itself.

The rest of them looked down, looked away or launched into incredibly studious examination of the ceiling to avoid acknowledging my faux pas.

Get out of here." Slowly, I finished chewing and swallowing, wiping my mouth with a napkin before speaking, "Oh, I definitely care." "You don't act like it," he shot back, almost accusatory in tone.

Sitting right next to him, a black girl named Octavia rolled her eyes, which looked especially comical because the whites of her eyes (which were huge) contrasted so sharply against her blue-black skin tone.

You could almost see the emotions passing across his face in rapid succession before he finally settled on the best one and definitely not a river in Egypt, "Bullshit. Not possible." I raised my hands and shrugged in the best "aw shucks" gesture I possibly could, which made Octavia shake her head and smile.

Then, right on cue, a pair of soft hands fell on my shoulders. " "Only the finest of cafeteria cuisine, including the first meat that can successfully boast no animals were harmed in its making," I jabbed at the mystery steak with my fork.

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A few of my friends on my side of the table snickered and Zeke looked even more huffy.