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Internet dating new york city

Here are a few observations I made: Unlike in Washington DC, you can clearly feel the harsh effects of the city on the people.

Based on how expensive it is to live in New York, to have a good life you have to work like a dog with little in the way of breaks for reflection or relaxation.

If you decide to live in New York, there are two options that await you: Get a humble apartment, work for the man, count your quarters, and squeeze in some easy bangs.

After a year or two, when you realize you’ve saved no money and have few—if any—deep relationships, go somewhere else to achieve more financial independence and a higher level of social meaning that takes you away from more shallow pursuits.

Only one girl looked at her iphone during the conversation. They did way more talking and helped move the communication forward.

One 22-year-old girl approached me in the bar and let me escort her away from her friends for a sloppy make-out session (to be young again! Another girl gave me her number and then sent me a text asking for a date the next night.

Let New York live for you instead of you living for New York.

Conversations with friends have become multimedia presentations.If you want to live in this city and enjoy it to the fullest, you should already come as a made man with over 0,000 a year in income or a couple million in the bank.Of course you can live in New York for a fraction of that, and find a niche that does give you happiness, but New York allows you to live a regal lifestyle if you have the bankroll.I don’t know how often pedestrians get hit in New York, but it seemed like they were putting their lives in danger.In the cafes I went to, it was a rule that everyone was staring at their iphone or tablet screen, and even in meetings between friends, a person would keep one eye on their friend and one eye on their phone.

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