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I have two fathers who are dedicated and involved and are, like me, merely the victims of a failed relationship.

(The third father is my present husband who acts as father stepfather). While the breakdown of my two marriages and the other relationship left me deeply depressed, it was the responsibility towards my children that kept me going.

It was convenient tabloid terminology, but most of all it was the simple truth - and no matter how much I may, at other times, have been hurt by cruel opinion, I could not argue with fact.Functional, beautiful, well-adjusted children can come out of broken situations.And in my case it is thanks to the contributions made by the fathers who take the same responsibility as I have. (Wald had been president of the Guber-Peters Co., so obviously he knew our subjects well.) Short, barrel-chested and with a gravelly, Bronx-accented voice, Wald regaled us with outrageous stories of his life in the '70s and '80s as the manager of an array of huge stars including Donna Summer, George Carlin, Sylvester Stallone and Crosby, Stills and Nash.Wald was well known in his own right and as the husband and manager of Helen Reddy, whose anthem "I Am Woman" helped define the era.

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Now my young son, Malcolm, is about to turn two and many cruel jokes and jibes later I am still questioning why my domestic situation has been the subject of so much vitriol and disapproval.