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Jet li aaliyah dating

Po Sing (Jon Kit Lee) is waiting for someone in a club in a predominantly African American neighborhood when a group of angry patrons try to start a fight with him.

The film's plot is loosely related to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, but the feuding families are respectively black and Chinese.Han promptly escapes from the prison to investigate.Fearing retribution, real estate developer and gang leader Isaak O’Day (Delroy Lindo) arranges for his chief lieutenant Mac (Isaiah Washington) to place security on both of his children.He also learns that his brother called O’Day’s daughter Trish’s (Aaliyah) record store the day before he was killed.After a chance encounter with her, he follows her and learns that Po may have actually been calling Trish’s brother, Colin (DB Woodside).

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Mac and his goons kill the club’s owner (DMX) and kidnap both Trish and Han, taking them to separate locations.