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The systematic application by historians of the term "baroque" to music of this period is a relatively recent development.

In 1919, Curt Sachs became the first to apply the five characteristics of Heinrich Wölfflin's theory of the Baroque systematically to music.

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During the Baroque era, professional musicians were expected to be accomplished improvisers of both solo melodic lines and accompaniment parts. A MONG ALL of his works for piano, Robert Schumann's Toccata holds a posi- . The image of hatred and of the other, a foreigner is neither the romantic victim of ...In English the term acquired currency only in the 1940s, in the writings of Bukofzer and Paul Henry Lang.As late as 1960, there was still considerable dispute in academic circles, particularly in France and Britain, whether it was meaningful to lump together music as diverse as that of Jacopo Peri, Domenico Scarlatti, and Johann Sebastian Bach under a single rubric.

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