Sedating child congenital heart disease

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Sedating child congenital heart disease

The program values the importance of the screening of all healthy newborns for congenital heart disease.

All babies with critical congenital heart disease are detected before leaving the newborn nursery.

However, not all hospitals use the pulse oximetry test, which results in hundreds of babies going home with unrecognized critical congenital heart disease every year.

The promotes early detection through the use of pulse oximetry following 24 hours of age and prior to discharge from the newborn nursery.

If the pulse oximetry reading is greater than or equal to 95 percent the infant will pass screening.

Frequent communication among all care providers is recommended.

that may also affect the care of other children in the home.

Children’s National Health System created the Congenital Heart Disease Screening Program to help to detect critical CHD while newborns are in the nursery.

It can easily be part of the standard of care at any hospital.

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