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Updating psp system

o RGBA image data format available regardless of framebuffer.o X11 driver can emulate 8/15/16/24/32bpp displays using same codepath as target.o Gd Area, Gd Read Area, Gd Bitmap and all fonts use fast conversion blits.o New conversion blits can be added for speed for specific systems, and slower draw code is still available for 1/2/4/8bpp palette systems.Nano-X allows applications to be built and tested on the Linux desktop, as well as cross-compiled for the target device.The Nano-X Window System was previously named Microwindows, but has been renamed due to conflicts with Microsoft's Windows trademark.

o Entirely new driver architecture uses fast conversion blits for all display of font and image data.

There are two APIs implemented in the system, a Win32 API and an Xlib-like API. An extensive Architecture document is also available.

Check out the Articles that have been written about Microwindows in the left sidebar.

o Most image loaders (png, jpg, etc) read into internal RGBA format for easy use in compositing and alpha blending.

o Runtime auto-portrait mode switching now possible without application image recomputation requirements.

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= height) 10 June 2010 * added capabilities flag word in font subdriver for h/w scaling * use new freetype2 scaler cache api (= v2.3.9) (Johannes) can now compile freetype 2 without FT_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_INTERNALS * fix ncolor assert in fblin24.c * fix nanowm cursor to resize in window bottom right to indicate resize * added window x,y and root window rootx,rooty to GR_GENERAL_EVENT (mouse enter event should be a mouse event, not general event) * added WM_PROPS_NORESIZE window property to disallow window resizing * rewrote adobe type1 (T1LIB) and truetype (freetype2) font subdrivers to use fast blit blit project halfway done - will move Gd Bitmap to driver blit for PCF/CORE fonts will remove/replace PSDOP_* and and combine drawarea/blit driver routines all drivers will support mono lsb/msb and blendfgbg blit, meaning all fonts supported * wrote drawarea_bitmap_bytes_lsb_first (t1lib) rotations for all fbportrait_xxx.c * rewrote adobe type 1 font driver (font_t1lib.c), new fonts/type1 dir added T1LIB_FONT_DIR to config (defaults fonts/type1) requires blit_mono_byte_lsb routine in drawarea * added width and height scaling to t1lib and freetype2 fonts (was height only) added width parm to Gr Create Font From Buffer, Gr Copy Font use Gr Create Font Ex, Gr Set Font Size Ex to set height and width for scaleable fonts (t1,ft2) * freetype2 driver uses TTFONTDIR environ var for default font dir * freetype 1 driver deprecated - use freetype 2 instead * fix loader padding bug (again) * split engine/devdraw.c into engine/devblit.c for blit changes * major driver reorganization, Draw Area parameters change * remove MWROP_TO_MODE, MWMODE_TO_ROP * rename MWMODE_xxx modes to MWROP_xxx, change MWROP_SETTO1 to MWROP_SET * rearrange device.h and mwtypes.h for more exportability info in mwtypes.h - Ludwig Ertl scrollbar various fixes, SB_THUMBTRACK listbox fixes w/scrollbars, WM_CTLCOLORLISTBOX added newlistbox.c from React OS (GPL only, not used by default) replace Draw3d Button Rect with Draw3d Up Down State rewrite mw Draw Text Out/mw Draw Text heavily, internal prefix/& support add #if OLD_DRAWTEXT for old drawtext code no need for mw Check Underline Char special drawing, button.c modified add Get Text Color, Muldiv, Window From Point, WM_SETREDRAW add WM_COMPAREITEM, WM_DELETEITEM, COMPAREITEMSTRUCT etc handling remove Get Dlg Base Units (replaced by Get Dialog Base Units) * fixed apply Op4 off-by-one bug (affects XOR blits), apply Op2/3 (fblin16 v/h draw) * started 64 bit compatibility, requires (uint32_t and int32_t) * fix map non-existent char to default char with PCF fonts, port to 64 bit * fix space glyph width bug with PCF fonts (negative left Bearing still not handled) * fill background in FT2 when usebg set (done again in alphacol driver for charbox) * fix bug in non-MWMODE_COPY blit in fblin32/32a/24/18 and X11 drivers - Ludwig Ertl * check hdc NULL in mw Tabbed Text Out fixes crash in mwdvetest * enhanced DT_CALCRECT for multiline text * dialog enhancements: pressing RETURN or VK_MBUTTON now pushes button w/focus, Create Dialog Indirect Param, Dialog Box Indirect Param, Get Dialog Base Units, DS_CENTER calc * added Message Box, Message Box Ex, Message Box Indirect, Message Box Timeout from React OS (GPL only) * Show Window always shows window except on SW_HIDE * pressing RETURN or VK_MBUTTON now pushes button w/focus * map VK_MBUTTON to MWKEY_ACCEPT - [email protected]* added stretchblitex to left/right/down portrait modes * add stretchblitex to fblin8, stretchblit test to ft2test.c * deprecated Stretch Blit screen driver entry point and Gd Stretch Blit use Gd Stretch Blit Ex, Stretch Blit Ex screen driver entry point * added 15, 16, 24 and 32bpp to fb emulator, fix bug in fblin24 blit/alphacol * fixed bug in fblin24 reversed b/g colors when alpha 0 and usebg 29 April 2010 - Greg/Ludwig * added Set Window Placement, Get Window Placement, Begin Defer Window Pos, Defer Window Pos, End Defer Window Pos, Get Window, Get Menu, Get Foregroundwindow, SW_MAXIMIZE, SW_MINIMIZE, workarea maximize, partial WM_SYSCOMMAND, dialog maximize via CS_DBLCLKS, MWKEY_ACCEPT, Fill Rgn (Ludwig) * added drawarea_bitmap_bytes_msb_first to fblin4rev.c, fixed MWROP blit bug * fix bug in linear24_alphacol, not blending properly, added ft2test.c pgm * speedup fblin1/2, wrote msb_first drivers for fblin2/2rev * add fblin1rev.c drawarea_bitmap_bytes_msb_first (Vladimir) * dynamically allocate buffers in Gd Get Text Size, Gd Text, and Gd Convert Encoding 28 April 2010 - Ludwig Ertl * changed BM_SETIMAGE and STM_SETIMAGE to use l Param in button/static * add System Parameters Info, non-overlapped workarea feature * add Get Prop, Set Prop, Remove Prop window property routines use these rather than window userdata * rewrite Kill Timer to allow deleting currently executing timer * fix free sz Exec Command in mw Free Instance * fix mw Find Resource endless loop on last resource when closed resfile * rewrite peekmessage loop in windlg.c with getmessage * replace sscanf with strtoul in windlg.c * fix BS_RIGHT style in button.c * added BS_PUSHLIKE button style 27 April 2010 - [email protected]* speedup fblin8/4/2/1 drivers, no asserts by default * speedup 4bpp drawarea_bitmap_bytes_msb_first with linear4_drawpixelfast * wrote drawarea_alphacol for 8bpp fblin8.c (FT2 antialiased output) * change back FIRSTUSERENTRY to 256 for palette mode and fbe in non ALPHABLEND * added bin/fbe (demos/fbe.c), frame buffer emulator on X11 for 1, 2, 4 and 8bpp!

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