Updating the year on solaris

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Updating the year on solaris

Libre ELEC runs on x86 personal computers and ARM-based computers, such as the Raspberry Pi.The project has released Libre ELEC 8.2.1 which features time zone fixes and security improvements to Samba network shares.

to enable SMB1 for compatibility with legacy SMB clients.

This is hopefully the final 8.1.x beta release; next will be 8.2.0.

• 2017-11-21: Distribution Release: Libre ELEC 8.2.1 • 2017-10-28: Distribution Release: Libre ELEC 8.2.0 • 2017-09-25: Development Release: Libre ELEC 8.1.2 Beta • 2017-08-15: Development Release: Libre ELEC 8.1.0 Beta • More Libre ELEC news...

The distribution runs on x86 desktop computers, Raspberry Pi devices and ODroid and We Tek computers.

Libre ELEC is a minimal operating system dedicated to running the Kodi media centre.

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If this happens Samba starts with a default v4 configuration.

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